Embracing Your Inner Child

What is your inner child?  Essentially, it is the most authentic part of yourself.  The pure, sincere, and innocent part of yourself.  Your inner child is who you truly are at your core, and it is the part of you that is most deeply connected to your heart and soul.  In a sense, your inner child represents your true identity.  By honoring your inner child, you are discovering your authentic self, and loving all the parts of who you truly are.  And in a world where it seems everyone is taking themselves so seriously--critiquing ourselves over faults, flaws, and foibles as a daily practice--connecting with and nurturing one’s inner child feels utterly necessary at the moment.  

So how does one go about finding one’s inner child, you may ask?  The simple answer is: find pure joy.  Why not finger paint, or jump rope, or get a silly groove going?  Find that playful nature and indulge it!  Try to rediscover your childlike sense of wonder and curiosity.  Humbly remind yourself how little we know about the Universe and see the world through eyes that yearn to learn.  Connect with nature and let the wonders of the world inspire and invigorate you.  Create something (doesn’t have to be a macaroni necklace, but hey..why not?).  Help someone--remember how great it felt as a kid to be helpful...that joyful emotion is definitely still there.  

Hopefully you’re thinking one of two things right now: Awesome-- I’m totally ready to honor my inner child.  OR-- I’m intrigued, but have no idea where to start.  Whether you're willing and raring to go or feeling a little unsure, we’re going to help you get a head start on finding your inner child.

Use this fill in the blank exercise to help you discover your inner child.  Take your time reminiscing and reflecting to get the most authentic answers.  

  1. As a child, I would daydream about_______________________
  2. When I grew up I wanted to be___________________________
  3. My favorite thing to do as a kid was_______________________
  4. My favorite elementary school subject was__________________
  5. My childhood friends and I loved to________________________
  6. As a child, I was always curious about_____________________
  7. As a child, I was captivated by____________________________
  8. As an adult, spending time with children makes me feel________
  9. My favorite elementary school art project was________________
  10. As a child, I could spend hour playing with__________________

However you go about it, make honoring your inner child an integral part of your self-care routine; find ways to nurture your childlike joy.  Embrace more silliness and playfulness as a daily practice.  Because here’s the thing--the more joy and love you invite into your life, the more joy and love you release into the atmosphere.  The Universe will receive these signals and send joy and love in return.  So play, laugh, draw, and honor those silly kid vibes, because when you awaken your inner child, magic happens.