Global Pay It Forward Day: A Celebration of Kindness
Global Pay It Forward Day is Tuesday, April 28th and we can't wait to celebrate, so we're kicking it off early! Pay It Forward Day exists to inspire acts of kindness in hopes that the ripple of good will continue throughout the year! Paying it forward is what happens when someone does something wonderful for you and all they ask in return is for you to pay it forward with an act of kindness for someone else. This concept is, in part, about thinking of the world and those we share it with as one big community. Being a part of this community means that we have a responsibility to help one another, not expecting anything in return, just adding energy to the ripple effect of kindness. Everyday we find ourselves presented with opportunities to pass forward some good, and small acts of kindness, when multiplied by millions of people, can literally change the world for the better! Pay It Forward Day is about kind humans striving to spread kindness. Kindness is our thread here at Common Assembly, and we strive to pay it forward everyday. So for this global initiative, we want to go big. We're donating 20% of all sales made from Sunday 26th to Tuesday 28th to the Houston Food Bank. To put that in perspective, your $100 purchase will provide roughly 60 nutritious meals to those in need! We want you to join us in paying it forward, spreading the word, and sparking the exponential potential of small acts of kindness!