What's Your Self-Love Language?

When it comes to self love, feelings and emotions can get in the way of finding a connection with ourselves. Just like the importance of understanding how other's communicate, it is important to know how YOU communicate with yourself. Finding your self-love language is an important factor in your self care routine.

Here's how to find yours. Take the quick quiz to identify your predominate love language.  Then, read on to discover tips to help you communicate better with yourself.


Quiz: Choose which option applies to you most.  

#1  When I'm feeling sad _______ always makes me feel better.  

A) a sweet note from a loved one

B) when someone offers to make dinner

C) a small gift like a candle or chocolates  


#2 My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is _______

A) a dinner party with toasts to the birthday girl  

B) volunteering your time  

C) hitting the mall--or let's be honest, internet for a shopping spree  


#3 You most appreciate when a stranger _______

A) pays you a compliment

B) holds the door open for you

C) anonymously buys your coffee.

If you chose mostly A's: your predominate love language is words of affirmation. Actions don't always speak louder than words. If this is your love language, you need to focus on daily affirmations and words of positivity to yourself.  Insults and negative thoughts are especially harmful to you, so practice positive self-talk...be your biggest cheerleader!

If you chose mostly B's: your predominate love language is acts of service. Can asking your husband to vacuume the floors for you really be an expression of self-love? Absolutely! When emotionally exhasted, the words you need to hear most are, "let me do that for you." Speak your love language effectively and be sure to ask for help when you need it..give yourself what you need when you need it..serve a higher power.

If you chose mostly C's: your predominate love language is receiving gifts. Don't mistake this love language for materialism; you thrive on the love, thoughtfullness, and effort behind the gift. Make this your self-love language by setting aside a little "to me/ from me" fund to invest in yourself; spend money on your hobbies or buy yourself little gifts.  

The takeaway here is that everyone has a different way to show love and affection to themselves. Knowing how to communicate love to yourself is an essential part of self-care.